Thrill of adventure and love of nature always push to explore remote and far-flung areas and to find new destinations. To face the hardships of such kind of experience and in order to quench the thirst of a vagabond instinct; there are several activities in the world, which can be included in the category of adventure. In Pakistan, mountain climbing, rock climbing, trekking/hiking, skiing, hot air ballooning, paragliding, canoeing sailing, rafting and mountain biking etc. are known only in a small circle of enthusiasts.

About two decades earlier, we started to visit famous tourist areas, which later on turned into soft adventures, like day hikes and camping etc. Now, the Club announces several programs for the interest of people of all age groups and with diversified range of activities on annual basis. The multi dimensional activities of the Club include adventure and training programs based on education oriented objectives and considering the social & ecological conservation of the area visited.

The Club, welcomes people from all walks of life to participate in our socio-adventure activities, without any barrier of age, gender, cast or creed.

Aims & Objectives

The basic concept to establish this private, non-commercial sports organization is to promote healthy adventure activities, especially camping, trekking and climbing etc.

The other objectives are as follows

  • To make concrete efforts to minimize the increasing rate of pollution in mountains
  • To create awakening among public at large regarding protection of wildlife
  • To create sense of utility of forests and to avoid deforestation
  • To develop the sense of importance of adventure sports in youth
  • To restrict youths from narcotics by offering them healthy activities
  • To collect and publish authentic information regarding areas, altitudes and distances
  • To train its members and produce camp councilors and professional guides
  • To provide assistance to its members and to others regarding arrangement of their expeditions
  • To provide technical assistance to other clubs, organizations & individuals
  • To promote family & children adventure activities combining with general tourism
  • To explore new dimensions in adventure tourism